Sale of caravans and campervans

Caravans and campervans provide unprecedented freedom of travel. Even a campervan can provide total comfort, whether you are planning camping at the seaside or in the mountains. Our campervans, trailers and caravans come from Western European countries and you can have look at them in our sales area near Prague.

Braked caravans for passenger cars

Multi-person caravans are usually braked and they are mostly these are caravans with shower, toilet and kitchen. If you only have a Group B driving license, it is enough that the weight of a set of braked caravan + your car does not exceed 3.5 tons. For vehicle sets of up to 4.25 tons, you need to extend your license to the B96 license, which can be completed in half a day. The advantage is that besides a caravan, you can tow a boat trailer, a horse carrier or a low loader. Trailers for sale can be found in our search engine.

What driving license do I need for large caravans?

Large caravans are comfortably equipped, but usually you will need a B + E driving license because the weight of the set does not fit into 4.25 tons. You also need to check the maximum permitted trailer weight in your vehicle's technical certificate. Our specialists will recommend you a suitable car for towing both small and large hobby trailers. Or you can choose one yourself.

Campervan is a great solution to a camping holiday

In addition to a caravan or a hobby caravan, there is also a campervan option. Usually you will need a group B driving license. You also do not have to worry about the weight of a trailer or the durability of the towing system. In addition, these caravans are usually equipped with a shower, toilet, fridge and other extras for your enjoyable holiday. Here you can see caravans for sale in Rudná near Prague.

Do you want to better equip your campervan or caravan?

In our caravan center in Rudná near Prague you can also get the accessories for your campervan. Just stop by and get everything you need for your relaxing holiday.